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Who can join AWWAO?

Membership in the corporation has two classes of membership:

Regular Member/Licenced Operator -Open to all certified Ontario operators employed by First Nations or First Nation organizations that serve First Nations and/or persons who possess an adequate technical capacity in the field of W/WW in a First Nation environment, excluding uncertified operators.
Membership Entitlement-monthly/quarterly newsletter and bulletins, annual report, access to AGM attendance and training/exam prep conferences.

Associate-Associate members shall be open to all persons interested in AWWAO's objectives. Associate members shall be entitled to attend such meetings and other functions of AWWAO as are designated as open for associate members, but shall not have any voting or other rights in the organization.
Membership Entitlement-monthly/quarterly newsletter and bulletins, training/exam prep conferences based on space availability. Preference given to regular members.



Membership Forms

Keyboard and Mouse

Click the links below to download our membership forms

Please Remember to Download and fill in both forms when registering

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